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Have questions about Scantopia? You've come to the right place!

The answers on this page are not intended as a substitute for reading the Official Rules. To read the Official Rules tap "Rules" in the Scantopia app or click the "Rules" link at

Is Scantopia really free?

Yes!  Scantopia is always free, all the time, for everyone.

What is Scantopia?

Scantopia is the first, best, and only app where you can win real cash and other great prizes simply by scanning product barcodes. And, Scantopia is always FREE to use!

Does Scantopia cost money?

Nope.  Scantopia does not cost money. Scantopia is always 100% FREE to use!

How do I use Scantopia?

Scan barcodes to enter sweeps using a mobile device. Download the Scantopia app from Google Play for your Android device or the iTunes App store for your iOS device.

Do I need to register?

Anyone can play Scantopia and win tokens, but you must register and meet the eligibility requirements (see Official Rules) to receive cash and other prizes. In short, to win cash and other prizes you must be a registered player 13 years of age or older and a resident of the United States (including Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Territories) or Canada (except for the province of Quebec). Other restrictions apply.

Can I use Scantopia without registering?

Yes. But any cash and prizes awarded will be declared invalid.

How do I register? What information do I need to provide?

You can register via Facebook or with an email address. In addition, we ask your age, gender and country.

Is my privacy important to you?

Absolutely. We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your information. Please note: by playing Scantopia, you consent to our Privacy Policy and are subject to our Official Rules.

What can I win?

Scantopia offers four (4) ways to play and win:
  1. Scan & Win rewards you with cash and/or tokens for every scan you make.

  2. The Daily Super Scan gives cash rewards to a specified number players who are the first to scan a featured product or products from their Home Location. So, for example, a Daily Super Scan might read:  "The first 100 players who scan any eligible French's Mustard product will receive $1."  The number of players who can win may vary, the specificity of the product may vary (for example, any French's Mustard versus a very specific 8-ounce squeeze bottle of French's Mustard) and the value of the prize may vary, but is never less than 5-cents (USD $.05).  The 101st player to scan in our French's Mustard example would NOT receive a cash prize. At least one new Daily Super Scan, and often more, are announced in the app starting at 1:00PM Eastern Time every day. You must be properly registered for the game – including registration of your Home Location – to play and win the Daily Super Scan. You can only win each Daily Super Scan once per day. 

  3. Weekly Progressive Jackpot where every scan, made by every player, adds incrementally to a Weekly Progressive Jackpot that starts at $10 (ten US dollars) and grows up to a weekly maximum of $1,000 (one-thousand dollars U.S.). You use tokens you've won in the Scan & Win game to accumulate entries into this weekly random drawing. You can also gain additional entries for sharing in-game activities via Facebook, Twitter and email. 

  4. Weird Sweepstakes are where you can exchange the tokens you've won in the Scan & Win game to accumulate entries into four separate monthly drawings featuring fun and unusual prizes.

What are the odds of winning?

Odds of winning cash vary according to game:

For Scan & Win, a detailed odds table is published in the Official Rules. As a bonus, a new player's first scan is always rewarded with a $1 prize and the player receives an additional $1 prize when he or she registers their Home Location.

In the Weekly Progressive Jackpot drawings, your odds of winning depend on the number entries you've accumulated in a given game week by: 1) exchanging tokens for entries; and, 2) by sharing specific in-game activities with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

In the Monthly Weird Sweepstakes drawings, your odds of winning depend on the number of entries you've accumulated in a given game month by exchanging tokens for entries.

Note: You can win tokens in the Scan & Win game when you do not win cash. The tokens have no cash value. Tokens have no intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or prizes. They can, however, be used to accumulate entries into the random drawings (the Weekly Progressive Jackpot and/or the Weird Sweepstakes), where certain entrants, selected by chance, will receive prizes.

What's the process for cashing out prizes I've won?

After you've registered for the game and accumulated at least $3 in your Scantopia account, you can cash out by simply tapping the "Cash Out" button in the Scantopia App and following the steps required for payment. Please note, no payments will be made unless they are requested through this process. A player cannot claim cash winnings until he or she is properly registered for the game and has at least $3 in his or her Scantopia account (see "Valid Payment Threshold" under the Official Rules). Sponsor will request additional information to validate a player's win in excess of $10. A player cannot claim a prize in the Weird Sweepstakes until he/she is properly registered for the game.

How do you send me my winnings?

All Scantopia payments are made via PayPal. PayPal is the only way for cash winners to be paid.

Do I have to pay any PayPal fees?

No. We will handle any PayPal fees for you.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

Get one! If you win and want to be paid, you'll need to open a PayPal account because, without exception, all payments are made through PayPal. And, all payments are in US dollars. The good news is that opening a PayPal account is free and easy. All you need is internet access, an email address and one of the following: a credit card, a debit card, or a bank account (savings or checking).

What if I request a payment but I don't yet have a PayPal account?

If you're not a PayPal member, and you requested payment because you have over $3 in your account, we're going to send the payment to PayPal using the email address you supplied during the "cash out" process. So, in this case, you'll go to, open an account with that SAME email address and your money will be waiting for you. (PayPal will also send you an email letting you know that money is waiting.) Don't delay in opening your PayPal account. Any winnings that you request -- and that we've validated -- will be waiting for you for only 30 days. Wait longer than that and you forfeit your winnings.

Can I cash out amounts that are less than $3?

No, you can only cash out amounts that are over $3.00 and only in whole dollar amounts. For clarity: A player with a $4 balance in her account will be eligible to redeem $4 in cash winnings because $4 is above the $3 threshold. A player with $2.99 in his account cannot claim any cash prize because it's under the $3 threshold. A player with $3.01 in her account can cash out $3 and will have $.01 left in her account; in this case, she'll need to win an additional $2.99 to be eligible to cash out again.

Can I cash out amounts that are less than whole dollars?

No, you can only cash out amounts that are over $3.00 and only in whole dollar amounts. For clarity: A player with a $4 balance in her account will be eligible to redeem $4 in cash winnings because $4 is above the $3 threshold. A player with $2.99 in his account cannot claim any cash prize because it's under the $3 threshold. A player with $3.01 in her account can cash out $3 and will have $.01 left in her account; in this case, she'll need to win an additional $2.99 to be eligible to cash out again.

I can't cash out right now! Why not?

Well, that could be for a couple of reasons. First, if you have less than $3 in your account balance, you won't be able to cash out. (Remember, you'll need to earn at least $3 in winnings every time you want to cash out.) Second, we verify all Weird Sweepstakes wins and all wins over $10. And, there are often legal requirements needed to fulfill prizes (affidavits, math questions for Canadian winners, etc.), so we may temporarily block your account until we secure the needed information.

What is a "UPC code"?

If you look in your refrigerator or in your home pantry right now, you'll see that just about every package in there has a small image of vertical lines (bars) with a long number printed below it (usually, but not always, 12 digits in length). That is a UPC code, or Universal Product Code, and it helps manufacturers keep track of every item they sell. Different sizes and flavors of the same product have different UPC codes. So, for example, a 12-ounce can of Brand X soda bears a different UPC code then a 16-ounce bottle of the very same Brand X soda. Likewise, a 12 once can of cherry-flavored Brand X soda bears a different UPC code than the Brand X can without the added cherry flavor.

Are there limits on how much I can scan?

Every day you can scan 20 times. After 20 scans, you need "Energy" to make more scans. Energy is regained by waiting (one half-hour per unit of Energy), or from friends who come into the game and send you gifts.

What if I can't scan an item?

Scantopia is best when you scan an item's bar code using the Android app or the iOS app. In the Scan & Win game you can manually enter the UPC numbers and win cash and/or tokens that way. However, manual entry of UPC codes is NOT permitted for the Daily Super Scans.

Why does it say I've already scanned this item?

There is a limit on how often you can scan the same item. If you're seeing this message, it's because you've already scanned that item that day.

The item I scanned is different from the one you're saying I scanned. What gives?

There are a LOT of different products out there. If the wrong item shows up, or we can't find the one you scanned, don't worry! You can type in the correct item name, and, most often, most still win cash and/or tokens (even if we got the item wrong). And, thank you very much, your typed-in entry helps us figure out the right item and correct it.

What are tokens?

In Scantopia players use tokens to gain entries into drawings (specifically, the Weekly Progressive Jackpot and the Weird Sweepstakes). Players earn tokens by scanning products. Tokens have zero cash value. Unused tokens are not valid for anything.

How many tokens does it take to enter a drawing?

One token equals one entry. We generally give players a chance to exchange 1, 5 or 10 tokens at a time.

How can I get more tokens?

You can get more tokens by scanning items.

What kinds of games are there?

At the moment, there are two types of drawings -- the Weekly Progressive Drawing and Weird Sweepstakes -- both of which can be accessed from the main menu or from the Menu button. Plus, the Daily Super Scan game.

Do tokens have any cash value?

No. Tokens have zero cash value. Tokens are used only to enter drawings. Unused tokens are not valid for anything.

What is Energy?

Energy controls how many times you can scan products in Scan & Win.

How can I find out how much Energy I have?

Open the sliding menu by pressing the Menu button at the top left of the app. Energy is indicated by the lightning bolt symbol.

I'm out of Energy! How can I get more?

Energy refills by itself on an interval. You can also get more Energy by asking friends to send you gifts. You can send gifts via Facebook, email, and Twitter. You're limited to "harvesting" two (2) units of Energy per registered member per day (so, for example, if you ask for a gift and get one back, and if you send a gift and receive one back you will have "harvested" the maximum of 2 units of energy from that registered player).

What is "Home Location"?

Home Location lets us know that you're scanning items in your home.

Why do you want my Home Location?

If a product is in your home you're more likely to have real interest in that product. This helps us help you. How? As with all digital media, knowing what you care about helps us attract and retain the sponsors needed to fund the prizes in Scantopia. And, the information you provided enables us to work with manufacturers and retailers who can provide savings on the products you buy as well as introduce you to new products that you might find useful.

What do I get for setting my Home Location?

We'll add $1 to your account balance when you first set your Home Location (you will need to register to keep that dollar). We'll also award double tokens on any items scanned from your Home Location.

It's telling me I need to turn on location services. Why?

We use your geo-location to determine where you are. If you have geo-location turned off, we won't be able to tell that certain scans are from your Home Location or from retailers who may be making special in-store offers and that means you won't get the right rewards and you won't be eligible to win the Daily Super Scan(s).

Do all my scans have to be from my Home Location?

No. You can scan from stores, from a friend's house, from a restaurant and so on. But Home Locations scans are special. They are rewarded with double the amount of tokens and only Home Locations Scans count in the Daily Super Scan game.

The Daily Super Scan says there are no more left!

Yep. There are only a specified number of scans per featured Daily Super Scan product per day. And, the fun begins at 1:00PM ET.  If the scans for a given Daily Super Scan are exhausted, you have to try again tomorrow. While we won't accept Daily Super Scans before 1:00PM ET we do sometimes give "early bird" clues on our Facebook page or on third-party deal sites that let you be ready at the 1:00PM ET starting line!

It's not letting me set my Home Location! Why?

We need to make sure you're not inside a store. If you live super-close to a store (or, we just goofed), you can email us at help@playscantopia and alert us to look into your particular case. We will need your street address to properly resolve the issue.

What do I get for inviting my friends?

You get a one-time bonus for each friend you invite. That bonus is an entry into Weekly Progressive Jackpot.

What do I get for sharing?

Besides the joy of spreading the good word about Scantopia? Every time you share something (like the fact that you won $1 in Scan & Win), you'll earn an entry into the Weekly Progressive Jackpot.

Is there a limit on how many times I can share?

There is a limit of one share per channel per activity. For example, if you won $1 in Scan & Win and you shared the good news on Facebook, Twitter, and email, you would receive three bonus entries. If you shared only on Facebook, you'd only receive one bonus entry.

Is there a limit to the total number of bonus entries I can earn?


My account is blocked. What happened?

Most likely we need to verify some information. We will tell you what you need to do in order to un-block it. In some rare cases, it may look like fraudulent activity is occurring and we may want to verify that everything is legit.

I have a question that's not in here!

For any questions on Scantopia Rules, please refer to our Rules page. Please note that this FAQ is just a list of Frequently Asked Questions and is not a complete source of rules and requirements. Please feel free to contact us via email at -- we strive to respond to all the inquiries we receive within 48 hours and, most often, much sooner. It is very helpful to include your phone number on any correspondence with us. We will only use your phone number to contact you to help solve problems. Of course, you can always write us at: LuckyLabs, Inc., Attn: Scantopia, 376 Boylston Street - #501, Boston, MA 02116.

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